• Social networking is now a main part of the world now most everyone connects in some social media. Lots of companies have tapped into Facebook, Tweeter and all the social networking sites, some get success and some just have lots of numbers that mean nothing. People like being in an exclusive club and authors that have put the time and effort into…[Read more]

  • Traditional publishing companies have a submission process. They have either agents or authors submit their manuscripts. Publishing companies get thousands of submissions. There were 292,037 books published in the USA in 2011. More than likely hundreds of thousands more than that submitted. How many great American novels get thrown in the trash…[Read more]

  • What is CharterLight Publishing?

    CharterLight Publishing is a book publishing company of inspirational, motivational, learning focused multi genre books. CharterLight is a cutting edge new idea in book publishing. The difference in CharterLight then most publishing companies is the way we find our authors and how they are promoted and published.