Do you want to be published by a real publishing company that actually pays you, rather than you paying them? What if there was a safe place for you to sell your manuscript without the worry and hassle of being solicited to buy everything under the sun? There are many sites currently available that allege to exist to help the self-published author. If you have used any of these sites or researched the topic, you quickly realized that they really want to make money off trusting authors whose hopes and dreams are to become published without much return on your investment.

Charter Light is that safe haven.  It is really possible to become published without an agent or hundreds of publishers rejection letters. is a social site for authors that have finished manuscripts and are ready to test the market to see if their writing has merit. Don’t spend thousands of dollars to find out that no one really is interested in what you are writing about.

Charter Light gives authors a free platform to promote their manuscript. When the manuscript reaches 1,000 reviews with 4 stars or better on the website it gets put into the queue for publication by Charter Light Publishing. This means full publication to include distribution which is all paid by Charter Light Publishing (see FAQ’s for more information). You need NO Agents, NO submission craziness to try and be seen by publishers, and NO money out of your pocket. Let your book speak for itself.

We are currently approving 50 Authors, so hurry to apply. You must have a completed manuscript to be accepted.  Click to Apply